Estate Closure

This service generally takes one of two avenues. Either a person seeks assistance to plan and implement for themselves; or a family, due to geography or other circumstances, need assistance after a loved one has passed away.

In the first instance, we must recognize that planning for the end of one’s own life is rarely simple. The general concept is based in understanding that someday all of our possessions will belong to someone else.  Choosing the day of giving can be very rewarding.

Most people of retirement age, and beyond, have thought about where they would like to see their possessions go when they no longer have use for them, but going through the actual steps to ensure that this happens is not so easily accomplished.  For example, you want your daughter to have your “good china.” We ask, “does your daughter want your good china?” Or if you are not using it, you could give it to her now. What a gift it would be to share a meal at her table using those dishes? Or if we discover that she doesn’t want them, you can make alternative plans.

We work with you to document what your specific wishes are so they can be specified in your will or handle them now or when the time comes if no formal arrangements have been made.  

There is nothing more difficult than dismantling the home of a loved one, whether clear instructions exist or we are merely guessing the loved one’s wishes.  There are many details beyond the question of, “who gets what” to be considered. From having objects appraised to determining how to sell the property (staging, choice of broker, etc.) it’s an all too stressful process. Sometimes the added layer of physical distance and our own time constraints prevent us from giving the attention we would like our loved ones wishes to receive.

Clutter Be Gone will ensure that anything of any value goes to the appropriate person; that items of value will be identified and you are given workable options.  We will work with consigners, hold an estate sale, or work with electronic media to attempt to sell items.  In addition we can acquire contractors, brokers and other professionals to ensure that property is processed to your satisfaction.