Moving & Downsizing

Whether to larger or smaller quarters, moving our lives from one place to another is always a stressful undertaking.   It is also a task some people cannot, or chose not, to manage on their own. It is always a time for reviewing possessions and purging those that no longer suit our needs.

Downsizing, to smaller quarters or when the time has come to make room for equipment, adding space for a caregiver or just reducing a “collection”, is a common and reoccurring challenge we all face as we go through life.

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We will work with you to categorize your belongings, evaluate needs and make informed decisions on what to keep and what to let go of, and how.  Finding temporary or long-term space is generally easier than you may think. We can have items appraised, arrange for consignment or organize a garage sale, staff it and handle the clean-up.

Packing is best done in stages: from extraneous possessions to daily use items.  This gives us the opportunity to think about what we really need, or want, to move. Whether time is plentiful or packing must be accomplished within a matter of days, the same basic principles apply.  We work with your movers, coordinate the move completely; help with space planning and implementation.

Once in your new home we will work with you to ensure that your space is outfitted with the proper storage systems to provide the best access to items and get you out of boxes as quickly as necessary.