Home & Office Organizing

  • Kitchen: After assessing needs, where, we purchase and install components to increase accessibility for you and set up systems you can adapt to continue what we create together.

  • Baths: as with the kitchen, providing for easy access to the most important items is our starting place. Sometimes just small additions or modifications to cabinetry or draws make all the difference in the world.

  • Home Office: We will use basic techniques to ensure everything you need is at your fingertips and that paper doesn’t overwhelm your home. We provide assistance with managing monthly bill paying, monitoring expenditures and balancing accounts as needed.

  • A Garage serves as the premier storage space of any home in Florida. It can be used to store a car and the seasonal items. We can help you make choices regarding what to keep or not; and which shelving systems to use. We help get those systems installed and then organize them for easy access.

  • A child’s or adult’s Playroom may need adjusting as children grow and interests change. We will work with you to organize space for today and tomorrow’s needs.

  • Paperless Home Office: We will set up the devices, scan the history for you, set up, and teach you, basic systems and the rules to begin and maintain a paperless “File Cabinet” that will preserve the smile on your Accountant’s face.

  • Office Operations: We provide various levels of assistance in business operations. They include: limited projects such as auditing and evaluating systems and staff, providing job descriptions and standardizing evaluation systems; or providing ongoing, periodic support in the form of managing monthly processes, coach valued employees through transitioning their desk to one that others can also find information.

Some Examples

Items should be easy to identify and access

When you find that you are buying groceries you know you have in the house but don’t have the time to find them it may be time to seek the assistance of a Professional Organizer.

Sometimes you just need help setting things up so you can work with it.

A situation may have gotten out of hand.  Either circumstances beyond our control or our lifestyle just does not accommodate time to stay on top of day to day tasks.  Maybe your draws have always been a jumble and now you find you don’t want to spend 20 minutes every morning matching socks.

We will organize the draws and show you the techniques you need to maintain your possessions for easy access.

Occasionally that extra room you used for storage becomes a room you need. 

When you first moved into your house, you had one more room than you really needed.  You made a conscious decision to use it for storage.  3 years later a new baby is on the way, or your Mom needs a place to stay and that room has turned into a “monster”. 

We will categorize items based on what you want/need to keep, and allocate space for easy access or help you dispose of items you will not be using.

Managing bills and mail can become overwhelming.

I can be your monitor: watching incoming mail for bills that need to be paid, tracking expenses, and ensuring that everything is handled as you wish.